First described by Valsalva in 1704. It is performed by forcible exhalation lasting at least 10 seconds, keeping the glottis closed, after deep inhaling. This causes intrathoracic pressure to rise by 30-40 mmHg, with concurrent increase in endoabdominal pressure.


Literally, it is a dye that can be injected in vivo to identify some anatomic structures that would otherwise be difficult to detect. In lymphology, Blue Patent Violet (see BPV) is the most commonly employed vital dye.


The first method of manual lymphatic drainage to be codified and used on a large scale. Dating back to the end of the ’30s, and revised according to more modern scientific know-how, it is still the most popular method employed by the “German School” of Professor Földi.


One of the most objective and reliable methods to measure the extremities. The measurement device features a rigid cylinder filled with water, big enough to contain an extremity, and connected with a measuring system. Quite simply based on the physical principle of Archimedes, it measures – quickly and, most importantly during follow-up, in a reliable way – the volume of the affected limb, comparing it with the contralateral one.
Figure: Device used by us to assess the volume of the limbs.