Causes of Arm Swelling Swelling in the arm can be caused by various conditions and factors. Some common causes include injuries, traumas, infections, inflammations, allergic reactions, circulatory problems, lymphedema, and chronic conditions such as venous insufficiency. It is important to identify the underlying cause in order to determine the appropriate treatment. 

Swelling in the Arm:

Symptoms of Arm Swelling Swelling and Increased Size The main symptom of arm swelling is a noticeable increase in the size of the affected arm. This may be accompanied by a sense of heaviness, tightness, or puffiness. The arm may appear red, warm to the touch, and sensitive. 

Pain and Functional Limitations In some cases, arm swelling may be accompanied by pain, tingling, or a feeling of numbness. The arm may exhibit functional limitations, such as difficulty in moving the joint or performing certain movements. 

Possible Treatments for Arm Swelling Rest and Elevation Rest and elevating the arm can help reduce swelling. Elevating the arm above the level of the heart can promote fluid drainage and reduce fluid accumulation in the affected area. 

Compression Therapy The use of bandages or compression sleeves can help reduce arm swelling. These devices apply graduated pressure to the affected area, promoting fluid drainage and reducing edema. 

Physical Therapy and Lymphatic Massage Physical therapy and lymphatic massage can be useful in reducing arm swelling. These techniques stimulate lymphatic flow and promote fluid drainage, helping to reduce edema and improve circulation. 

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