This is the most popular and effective medical-physical treatment of limb lymphostasis and related disorders, such as for example acute lymphangitis. In chronic patients, it is often replaced with compression stockings (that patients can handle more easily), which have the same function of bandages, especially with reference to their compression action, but which, even when made to order, cannot be as resilient and effective as daily fashioned bandages. For this reason, some physicians and physiotherapists teach patients to apply these bandages themselves at home, often in association with mechanical lymphatic drainage also done at home. Lymphedema bandages are defined as “short stretch-functional”, because they must permit the affected extremity to move comfortably, thus supporting the physical-elastic drainage function of the bandage in a non-traumatic way. There are many different ways and techniques to fashion these bandages: normally, a multi-layer approach is recommended, namely on top of a first layer of foam or padding material, for protection and remodeling, several layers of mostly short stretch bandages are applied, to modulate compression action. In acute lymphangitis therapy, conventional short-stretch functional bandages may be coupled with medicated paste bandages, containing zinc oxide and other antibiotic-cortisone substances.

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