Lymphangio-RM represents one of the most modern diagnostic examinations in the field of lymphology. It offers a clear visualization of the larger lymphatic structures without the need for contrast agent injection, eliminating the laborious preparation required for traditional lymphangiography. Through a simple computerized process involving digital subtraction of adipose tissue, standard MRI images can highlight the morphology of lymphatic and lymph node tissues. 


The application in diagnosing lymphatic conditions is exemplified by its use in evaluating lower limb lymphedema. The notable difference in soft tissue thickness between affected and unaffected limbs is readily apparent. 

Additionally, in cases such as post-mastectomy upper limb lymphedema, Lymphangio-RM can be employed to assess the condition. An arrow in the image highlights a dilated lymphatic collector in the arm. 

Is a valuable tool in lymphatic imaging, offering detailed insights without the need for contrast agents, simplifying the examination process and enhancing diagnostic capabilities. 

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