It is reported that one in every two women suffers from swelling and heaviness in the legs during the summer, which is three times the number of cases compared to winter. Men are not immune to this condition either. Highlighting the risk of lymphedema, especially considering what might be the hottest summer season ever, is Corrado Campisi, President of the World Congress of Lymphology to be held in Genoa from [date] to September 15, and a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Catania.

Experts have developed a ten-point plan to “lighten” swollen legs. The first point is to engage in regular moderate physical activity. It’s better to do exercises in the morning. Wear comfortable shoes with a 2-2.5 centimeter heel. It is advisable to avoid walking barefoot and to take walks by the sea. Furthermore, do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours, change positions often when sitting or standing for a long time, sleep with your legs slightly raised, and do not cross your legs when sitting. In case of long journeys, wear elastic stockings. 

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