AGI0153 3 SST 0 R01 / Health: mapping ‘lymphatic highways’ can prevent lymphedema = (AGI) – Rome, 28 Aug. –


It can be genetic or a side effect of surgery, the pathological accumulation of lymphatic fluid in tissues can have various causes. Lymphedema, in fact, is nothing but the formation of congestions in one or more points of the ‘lymphatic highways’ that cross our body and can cause swelling in hands, arms, and legs. Sometimes the swelling is so severe that it leads to ‘elephant limbs’, painful and cumbersome, making even simple actions like dressing or washing difficult. It is a dramatically increasing pathology.

It is estimated that there are 350 million people with dementia worldwide, 2 million only in Italy. Numbers are growing, with about 40,000 more each year in our country. The good news is that lymphedema can be treated and even anticipated. With specific genetic tests and lymphoscintigraphy, it is indeed possible to map the risk of lymphedema formation, thus allowing for early intervention. (AGI)Sci/Rosso (To be continued) 281203 AUG 23 NNNN 

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