9CO1428273 4 CRO ITA R01 HEALTH, MAPPING ‘LYMPHATIC HIGHWAYS’ TO PREVENT SWELLING (2) (9 Columns) Rome, 28 Aug – With over 100 speakers from around the world, the event will include conferences, update courses, and training dedicated generally to “Best Clinical Practice”, as well as specific technological update courses in the medical, physical, and surgical field for various types of LYMPHATIC pathologies, including rare diseases based on malformations, oncological diseases, and LYMPHATIC complications of malignant tumor treatment, with important preventive clinical-therapeutic implications. Also discussed will be district LYMPHATIC pathologies, not only of the limbs but also of the abdomen (chyliferous lymphatic vessels) and the chest (thoracic duct). The world congress will also focus on lipoma or phlebolymphedema. (TO BE CONTINUED/Gil/rosso) 281111 AUG 23 

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