Electrical muscle stimulation, with electrodes placed on the skin, is a method employed since the ’60s to train athletes, and, more recently, it has become quite popular due to the increasing focus on personal body care and physical shape and fitness. It has quickly spread in many aesthetic and physiotherapy centres, and it is also used in lymphatic drainage. Its lymphatic drainage action is allegedly linked to muscle pump stimulation, which, indirectly, is claimed to increase lymphatic drainage. However, this principle, although theoretically faultless, should not be applied to patients with healthy neuro-muscular functions, who can and are supposed to exercise regularly, with subsequent, more complete and physiological activation of the muscular pump. Conversely, this method has proved to be quite effective in helping lymphatic drainage in all those patients who are affected by neuro-muscular, often degenerative, disorders, preventing them from walking normally, and which are frequently the cause of lymphatic stasis also called  functional “disuse” lymphedema” (see). Ongoing investigations in this area on patients affected by multiple sclerosis have already provided encouraging results.

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