Corrado Campisi, a professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Catania and a leading expert in Lymphatic System Surgery and Microsurgery, is cautioning both women and men about the issue of increased leg and ankle circumference when temperatures rise. 


This topic will be the focus of the upcoming World Congress of Lymphology, which will take place in Genoa from September 11 to 15. 

Regarding this, Campisi, who will chair the Congress, emphasized the following: “When we talk about swollen legs and circulation, the thought goes directly to blood, which flows through the arteries and veins of our body driven by the heart. However, beyond the blood circulatory system’s large ‘highways’ made up of arteries, veins, and capillaries, there is also an intricate network represented by the lymphatic system that transports proteins, liquids, and lipids.

This system, consisting of lymphatic vessels and nodes, allows lymph to be drained in bodily tissues at every point of our organism before pouring into the blood circulatory stream. A malfunction of this network can lead to abnormal swelling of hands, arms, or legs, sometimes so extensive they resemble elephant limbs.” 

To help mitigate this problem, experts have developed a decalogue aimed at ‘lightening’ swollen legs during the summer: 


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