What is an Antibiotic? Antibiotics are a class of drugs used to treat bacterial infections. These medications work by killing bacteria or preventing their growth and reproduction. They are an essential tool in combating bacterial infections, but it is important to use them appropriately to prevent bacterial resistance and ensure their effectiveness over time. 


Types of Antibiotics There are various types, each with specific mechanisms of action and targeted activity against certain bacteria. Some of the main types include: 

Usage Antibiotics must be prescribed by a doctor and used according to the provided instructions. Some general guidelines for their use include: 

Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern worldwide. Inappropriate or excessive use of antibiotics can contribute to the emergence of resistant bacteria, making antibiotics less effective over time. To prevent resistance, it’s important to use them only when necessary and under the supervision of a doctor. It’s crucial to correctly follow the prescribed treatment and not use antibiotics for viral infections, as they are not effective against viruses. 

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