During this period, the most important and innovative Research Lines, in compliance with the goals set by the appointment received from the School of Medicine, were:

  • Clinical applications of Lymphatic Surgery and, in particular, the application of  Microsurgical techniques applied to General Surgery.
  • Prevention and treatment of general and loco-regional, congenital and acquired lymph flow disorders: lymphedema, lymphorrhea, lymphocele, acute lymphangitis, chylipherous vessels, “chylous cyst”, and thoracic duct diseases.
  • Coupling Microsurgical Techniques with Laser- CO2, Endovascular-Laser and Endoscopic Microsurgery.

Research activities are confirmed by constant scientific publications in high standing journals not only in surgical, lymphologic, and microsurgical fields, but also in other fields related to ever more important international interdisciplinary collaborations  (see attached List and Abstract of the Minutes of the Faculty Board Meeting dd. 26.11.2008), with a total of 21 scientific papers of greater scientific significance which were published in:

  • 17 I.S.I. Journal (Total IF 33,736)
  • 6 in Journals with IF>3 2 Editorials (1 in “Lymphology” and 1 in “Il Giornale di Chirurgia”)
  • 2 Chapters of Treatises (1 Brazilian and 1 Italian)
  • 1 Chapter of a Monographic Book (translated into Chinese).

To the list reported in the above mentioned Abstract of the Minutes of the Faculty Board Meeting (Total IF 29,819), another paper has been added (No. 18 in the list attached to this CV), published in “Annals of Surgical Oncology”, received for publication on September 24 2008 and published on-line on January 13 2009 (IF 3,917), thus bringing the total IF count to 33,736.

There are 571 previous papers produced from May 1974 to October 2005, together with some 28 other papers published from 1/11/2005 to 31/10/2008 in non-I.S.I. journals. All these papers have, in any case, proved to be useful to promote a pioneering sector like Lymphatic Surgery.

My scientific production has been constantly carried out – with no interruption even during the time span from the comparative assessment procedure to the beginning of the three-year tenure as Professore Straordinario: 10 papers in total, 4 of which were published in I.S.I journals (3 in “Lymphology”=IF 2,334 and 1 in “World J.Surg.”=IF 1,778), as well as 5 in non-I.S.I. journals and 1 Chapter of a book.

The above mentioned non-I.S.I journals have a high readership and are all sectoral magazines. To mention some of them: Flebologia Oggi, La Linfologia Italiana (official journal of Società Italiana di Linfangiologia), European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems (the official journal of the European Society of Lymphology), the Latin-Mediterranean Chapter (International Society of Lymphology).

In addition, there are also several articles published in the Proceedings of national and international conferences (Lymphology 40 (Suppl): 1-392,2007, with 5 articles; European Chapter of International Union of Angiology, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2007 – Medimond, with 2 articles; Journal of Biological Research, Proceedings 78° Convegno SIBS, Vol.LXXXI, No.1, 2006, with 1 article, and the Romanian Journal of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery 9, I-II, 2004, with 1 article).
The above mentioned scientific activity was also combined with my work done in my role as:

  • Co-Editor of “Lymphology”
  • Reviewer of several international journals, in the fields of Surgery-Lymphology and microsurgery
  • Past Editor-in-Chief” of the “European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems”
  • Scientific Committee Coordinator of “La Linfologia Italiana”, Member of the Editorial Committee of “Flebologia Oggi”
  • “Referee” (since 2003) for ECM (Lifelong Education in Medicine) /Ministry of Health events, in addition to my previous participation in the Editorial Scientific Committees of national and international Scientific Journals.