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2 Million Italians with Lymphedema:

– Lymphedema, a condition marked by the pathological accumulation of lymphatic fluid in tissues, can have various causes, including genetics or as a side effect of surgery. Essentially, lymphedema results from congestion at one or more points in the body’s ‘lymphatic highways,’ leading to swelling in the hands, arms, and legs. This issue affects 2 million Italians, and specific ‘maps’ can help control it, preventing swelling that can be both severe and disabling. These topics will be discussed at the 29th World Congress of the International Society of Lymphology, scheduled in Genoa from September 11 to 15. 

Over the five days, explains Corrado Campisi, president of the world congress of lymphology and professor of plastic surgery at the University of Catania, “we will focus on genes associated with lymphatic pathologies, which are the origin of rare syndromes and a predisposition to lymphatic deficits. With lymphatic scintigraphy and new applications of fluorescence lymphography, we can map specific crucial sites and obtain valuable information for surgical interventions. For example, in cancer patients recommended for surgical removal of a ‘suspicious’ lymph node or as a preventative measure, the map of ‘lymphatic highways’ can predict the risk of developing lymphedema, thus suggesting safer alternatives or preventive therapeutic interventions.” 

Specific sessions will be dedicated to minimally invasive surgical techniques and the use of shockwave treatments capable of ‘dissolving’ tougher congestions, making the use of the scalpel simpler and more effective. The congress will also examine technological innovations related to ‘imaging’ procedures for the diagnosis and medical, physical, and surgical treatment of lymphatic diseases, as well as advancements in the use of operating microscopes and microsurgical instruments, including new liposuction techniques for lymphatic pathology. Among the congress’s objectives is to provide a global overview of clinical lymphology, with a biennial update, particularly of the ‘Consensus Document’ of the International Society of Lymphology on the diagnosis and therapy of lymphedema. 


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